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Boston Urban Long-term Research (Image 1)

July 31, 2013
Boston University professors Lucy Hutyra and Nathan Phillips and Leah Nagel, a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program participant, examine the ring density of Alanthus altissa, an urban invasive species. The trio is participating in the Boston Urban Long-term Research Area Exploratory (ULTRA-Ex) project, an NSF-supported research platform that investigates the space-time variation in metropolitan Bostons carbon metabolism. NSF offers these awards for projects that support interdisciplinary research on the dynamic interactions between people and natural ecosystems in urban settings. The program is investigating both natural and human influences on Bostons carbon metabolism. To learn more, visit the program's website Here. [Research supported by NSF grant DEB 09-48857.] (Date of Image: 2010-2011) Credit: Clarisse Hart

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