Rain on Windshield
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"Rain on Windshield"

July 31, 2013
"Rain on Windshield," by Lola Kelleher, senior at New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies. The rain illuminates moving traffic during a torrential storm, from behind a car window. The combination of movement, light and reflection created the illusion of an aurora borealis-like sky. The rainstorm, which was once a dreary misfortune, became a sublime marvel with the lens of my camera. This image was awarded third place and people's choice in the "Envisioning the Invisible" 2010 Mahato memorial event photo contest, organized by the engineering graduate student council at the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke. The event, which will be annual, honors Abhijit Mahato, a former Duke engineering graduate student who was tragically murdered in 2008. Further information about the contest and pictures of other winning entries and submissions is available Here. (Date of Image: February 2008) Credit: Lola Kelleher

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