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Supercomputer Yellowstone (Image 1)

September 17, 2013
A fish-eye view of some of the supercomputer Yellowstone's 100 racks. An iconic scene from its namesake, Yellowstone National Park, is featured mosaic-style on the ends of each rack. The image by Michael Medford, licensed to National Geographic, shows Fountain Geyser. Yellowstone is located at the NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research)-Wyoming Supercomputing Center. The center, which was dedicated in October 2012, will offer researchers the opportunity to develop, access and share complex models and data at incredibly powerful speeds. Yellowstone has the ability to work at 1.5 petaflops--equal to 1.5 quadrillion (a million billion) mathematical operations per second. Its speed is comparable to 7 billion people (the world population) each simultaneously conducting 200,000 calculations a second. Credit: ©UCAR; photo by Carlye Calvin

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