Celestial Eternity
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Celestial Eternity

January 5, 2014
Mark Balli Photography: I got off from work around 4:30 and drove across the Rocky Mountains from Denver and arrived at Arches National Park close to midnight just before the moon came out and washed out the stars. What I saw when I got out of my jeep was absolutely amazing. The sky was full of bright stars and the Milky Way stretched from one end of the horizon to the other. I was in total amazement. I located the perfect spot and quickly took out my gear, set it up and started to shoot. What I captured ended up being an absolutely amazing photograph. I ended up staying at Arches all night long and I still had a long drive back to Denver. I was up for 24 hours straight. Arches National Park is an amazing place and I am looking forward to going there again for more Milky Way Photography.

Credit: Mark Balli Photography All rights reserved/Used with permission

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