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Galactic Gold

January 11, 2014
This image was taken at a place called the Hidee Gold Mine near Central City, Colorado during the summer of 2013.

I found this a very interesting place to shoot the Milky Way using the Mine Structure as a foreground subject. The structure itself it basically a shack that tilts very precariously as if getting ready to fall over. The area is right next to the highway and you can see the mine structure from the road. The area is very mountainous and very beautiful. I later found out through a gentlemen that I met walking down the road that there had been a hungry bear terrorizing the area. In fact the very area I was shooting this mine. When he asked me if I was "Carrying" any weapons, I told him I was carrying a 40 Caliber Springfield XDM. He looked at me seriously and said, "That will only piss him off". Next time bring a shotgun with slugs because this bear has been shot several times with rubber bullets and it hasn't fazed him one damn bit. I said "Yes sir" I will with a surprised "Oh crap" look on my face. That was indeed a very cool place to photograph the night sky. In the photograph, you can see a shooting star just before it passes the Milky Way.

Credit: Mark Balli Photography All rights reserved/Used with permission

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