False Colour Image of XMMU J22353-2557 FORSVLT and ESA
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False Colour Image of XMMU J2235.3-2557 (FORS/VLT and ESA XMM-Newton)

August 23, 2005
This is a false colour image of the XMMU J2235.3-2557 cluster of galaxies, overlaid with the X-ray intensity contours derived from the ESA XMM-Newton data. The red channel is a VLT-ISAAC image (exposure time: 1 hour) obtained in the near-infrared Ks-band (at wavelength 2.2 microns); the green channel is a VLT-FORS2 z-band image (910 nm; 480 sec); the blue channel is a VLT-FORS2 R-band image (; 657 nm; 1140 sec). The VLT reveals 12 reddish galaxies, of elliptical types, as members of the cluster.

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