Part of the LMC H II Region N214
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Part of the LMC H II Region N214

August 23, 2005
This image is a composite six-colour image of a part of the LMC H II region N214. The image, taken with the ESO NTT/SuSI2, results from the co-addition of several individual exposures taken through various narrow and broadband filters (see Technical Information below). The field size is 248"x 332" corresponding to approximately 200 x 270 light-years. North is up and east to the left. The large nebula in the lower part is N214C which in shown further as ESO PR Photo 12b/05. At upper left to the middle, a stellar cluster is clearly seen. At top-right, another series of compact reddish nebulae, N214H, are present. The new observations reveal that N214H consist of four compact H II regions hosting exciting stars and a diffuse nebula.

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