Technology assists coffee farmers in the developing world
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Technology assists coffee farmers in the developing world

March 20, 2014
A father and son view an iPad application at the Cocasam Cooperative in San Marcos de Colon, Honduras. Sustainable Harvest, a specialty coffee importer in Portland, Ore., is developing such apps to allow farmers in developing countries the access to tools that will improve harvest tracking and to access educational videos and best practices for improving crop quality. These iPad apps increase traceability and transparency across the coffee supply chain. Sustainable Harvest, working in cooperation with Exprima Media, a software strategy and design consultancy company in Portland, are bringing the iPad to coffee co-ops and farmers in East Africa, Mexico and South America. Over the past several years, they have unveiled a suite of efficiency and traceability iPad apps--the Relationship Information Tracking System (RITS) suite--for coffee farmers in the developing world. The companies dont market directly to farmers; instead, they sell to coffee co-ops, which either purchase the iPads themselves or seek out third-party-funded grants. (Date of Image: February 2011 ) Credit: Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers

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