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May 22, 2014
(5 Oct. 2010) --- Doha City, Doha Bay, State of Qatar and the Persian Gulf are featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 25 crew member on the International Space Station. The old and new zones of Doha, the capital city of the Persian Gulf state of Qatar, are visible in this photograph. The old city comprises the ancient bazaar, or Souq, near the dhow harbor (a dhow is a traditional Arab sailing vessel) which is still used today. Subsequent developments have taken place progressively further from the ancient center, with successive ring roads concentrically arranged around it. Modern port facilities can be seen immediately to the east of the Souq. The diplomatic quarter is reached via the Corniche promenade north of the old city. Yet further away an extensive marina complex known as West Bay Lagoon, with boating access to the Persian Gulf, stands out. Qatar's new artificial island, known as the Pearl-Qatar, is under construction with 32 kilometers of new coastline, just offshore of West Bay Lagoon. This vast development is intended mainly as a residential zone with themes based on Arabic, Mediterranean and European cultures. The Pearl-Qatar complex is named for the fact that the new island is being built on one of Qatar's major historical pearl diving sites. A string of small islands built along the outer margin of the complex is intended to recall the pearl-diving culture of the nation's past.

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