Black Hole in Search of a Home
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Black Hole in Search of a Home

September 27, 2005
Two Quasars with their Host Galaxy

This photo shows two examples of quasars from the sample studied by the astronomers, where the host galaxy is obvious. In each case, the quasar is the bright central spot. The host of HE1239-2426 (left), a z=0.082 quasar, displays large spiral arms, while the host of HE1503+0228 (right), having a redshift of 0.135, is more fuzzy and shows only hints of spiral arms. Although these particular objects are rather close to us and constitute therefore easy targets, their host would still be perfectly visible at much higher redshift, including at distances as large as the one of HE0450-2958 (z=0.285). The observations were done with the ACS camera on the HST.

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