Monsoon Flooding in India
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Monsoon Flooding in India

September 29, 2005

A series of images highlights depicts the flooding caused by heavy monsoon rains in Northeastern India. The first image, seen when you first open this page, was acquired on August 29, 2005, after the flood. If you place your mouse over the image, it will shift to one captured on June 19, 2005 (before the flood); move the mouse to the side of the image and it will revert back to the first image. In these false-color images, water is dark blue, clouds are pale blue and white, vegetation is bright green, and bare ground ss pink and tan. The snow that caps the Himalayas is bright blue.

The floods marooned hundreds of villages, affecting 800,000 people in the Uttar Pradesh State. The rivers in Uttar Pradesh in the upper left corner of the image are wider than normal, brimming with monsoon rains. In addition to filling the rivers, the rainfall has turned the landscape green as plants flourish. In the lower right corner of the image is the Ganges River at its wet-season levels. Though the river is much larger than it was in June, there are no reports of flooding in the region.

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