Making Tracks on Mars 3-D
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Making Tracks on Mars (3-D)

August 16, 2004
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has been making tracks on Mars for seven months now, well beyond its original 90-day mission. The rover traveled more than 3 kilometers (2 miles) to reach the Columbia Hills pictured here. In this 3-D, 360-degree view of the rolling martian terrain, its wheel tracks can be seen approaching from the northwest (right side of image). Spirit's navigation camera took the images that make up this mosaic on sols 210 and 213 (Aug. 5 and Aug. 8, 2004). The rover is now conducting scientific studies of the local geology on the Clovis outcrop of the West Spur region of the Columbia Hills. The view is presented in a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometrical seam correction. Scientists plan for Spirit to take a color panoramic image from this location.

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