Clovis in Color
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'Clovis' in Color

August 19, 2004
This approximate true-color image taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit shows the rock outcrop dubbed Clovis. The rock was discovered to be softer than other rocks studied so far at Gusev Crater after the rover easily ground a hole into it with its rock abrasion tool. An analysis of the interior of the hole with the rover's scientific instruments found higher concentrations of sulfur, bromine and chlorine compared to basaltic, or volcanic, rocks at Gusev. This might indicate that Clovis was chemically altered, and that fluids once flowed through the rock depositing these elements. This image was taken by the 750-, 530- and 480-nanometer filters of the rover's panoramic camera on sol 217(Aug. 13, 2004).

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