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January 16, 2006
This Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) multi temporal color composite image represents an area centered over Switzerland, one of the most mountainous countries of Europe, with more than 70 percent of its area covered by the Alps. The image is composed of three ASAR WSM images acquired on different dates and assigning a color (RGB) to each date (Red: 31 October 2002 - Green: 20 March 2003 - Blue: 29 January 2004). Switzerland extends from Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) seen in the left bottom part in the image to the Bodensee (Lake of Constance) in the central top part of the image. Its largest city is Zurich, on the Lake of Zurich (to the southwest of the Lake Constance), which is also an important commercial and manufacturing center and the financial capital of Switzerland. Other Swiss cities visible in the image are the capital city Bern (in the central west part of Switzerland), Lausanne (on Lake Geneva) and Basel (surrounded by a rich agricultural region in the northern part of the country). Other big cities of countries bounding Switzerland are clearly visible in the image. In the top left corner of the image is the French city Strasbourg, Munich (Germany) is in the top right corner of the image and Milan (Italy) in the bottom part of the image.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: ASAR
  • Acquisition: 29-Jan-2004
  • Orbit nr: 10010
  • Center coordinates: lat. 46.24, lon. 9.70

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