March 29, 2012

No Plan B For President’s Health Care Plan

Despite the recent controversy in the Supreme Court regarding President Obama's health care law, the White House says it has no contingency plans.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the Obama administration is confident the Supreme Court's decision will fall their way.

"We're confident that the legislation is constitutional," Earnest said in a statement.  "We are focused on implementing all the provisions of the law, because they're important benefits that will be realized by the American public."

Under the proposed law, nearly all Americans would be required to buy health insurance, otherwise they would have to pay a fine.

The Supreme justices are trying to decide whether this law could be considered unconstitutional, a decision that is expected to come in June.

The decision could have a big effect on the upcoming presidential elections, giving fuel to whoever it ends up benefiting.

Earnest said Wednesday that the White House is focused on enacting all the provisions of the law, not how to proceed if the court strikes it down.

The court is showing signs that it could throw out some key parts of President Obama's health care law if it finds the individual insurance requirement unconstitutional.

On the third and last day of arguments, the justices seemed to accept the administration's argument that at least two important insurance reforms are so closely tied to the insurance requirement that they could not survive without it.

According to a Reuters report, if the law or its main provisions is struck down by the Supreme Court, then the Obama administration would likely postpone any decision on how to move forward until after the November 6 general election.


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