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July 11, 2016

Tech to Look Out for in 2016

If you watched E3 this year you’ll have noticed that virtual reality is the next big thing for games. Just when it will really take off is still questionable, especially with the price for the headsets, but the time will come when it really hits its stride.

With this in mind, we decided to look at some technology coming in 2016 that is based around virtual reality. If the technology is going to really take off, then the interaction between the gamer and the machine has to be an immersive experience. Something that is still quite a puzzle for developers and designers working on the answer right now.

Kinect and the 3D Glasses

While the Kinect may have become a second though on the Xbox One, that doesn’t mean that it has completely disappeared from use. SMI Vision is a company who are looking at creating a set of 3D glasses that will use the Kinect to track head and eye movements of the user. What these glasses will offer is a level of 3D that is like a super VR experience, fully using the 3D space around them and creating an impressive level of immersion.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion is another technology looking to improve the interaction between the gamer and the virtual reality world. Instead of being about head and eye co-ordination though this is more about the movement of the player’s hands. Tracking your fingers it recreates the hands in the 3D space of virtual reality. One very positive aspect of Leap Motion is the fact that not only is it open source, but it also comes at a cheap price.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is seen as the premium virtual reality experience, but it is having some major competition at the moment from HTC Vive. At this point, it is hard to say which headset is the best, but with the coming of the much cheaper PlayStation VR, competition is set to be intense.

With this generation of virtual reality, the gamer is able to do whatever they want, from exploring virtual worlds, taking part in a gunfight, or in the future maybe even playing some bingo games in a virtual bingo hall. The only limits of this technology really is the developer’s imagination.

Project Holodeck

Using the Oculus Rift, Project Holodeck will catch the interest of any Star Trek fan who knows the Next Generation’s Holodeck and how impressive it was. We may not be at that level of immersion or graphical quality yet, but it is interesting to see that developers are looking to work on a truly virtual world like this.

With these new technologies in mind it is interesting just where virtual reality will take us. While there are good attempts right now to establish virtual reality as a gaming choice, there are still signs that it has some way to go before it will be a commercial success. With each new step up the technological ladder though, it is clear that virtual reality is here to stay.