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Go to a top MBA program and you will constantly hear the word “pivot.” Pivot, adapt, adjust, change. Whatever you call it, as you develop your product or service and a better understanding of...

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Microsoft CEO Announces Largest Workforce Reduction In The

Microsoft has announced that it will be cutting as many as 18,000 jobs, the largest workforce reduction in the 39-year history of the Redmond, Washington-based computer and technology giant.

Science Matters Media Announces Acquisition Of redOrbitcom

Science Matters Media, LLC has announced that it recently acquired redOrbit.com from company founder Eric Ralls for an undisclosed sum.

Comcast PR Disaster Follows Simple Request To Cancel

What should have been a straightforward customer service procedure could have turned into a public relations disaster for one of America's largest cable service providers.

Time Warner Confirms That It Rejected Foxs June Takeover

Time Warner rejected an $80 billion takeover attempt by 21st Century Fox in June, but rumors persist that the Rupert Murdoch-owned conglomerate could return with a higher offer, various media outlets reported Wednesday.

Apple And IBM Team Up To Bring I-Devices To Business

Bitter rivals during the PC battles of the late 20th century, Apple and IBM have joined together to debut a series of iPhones and iPads filled with a suite of applications tailored for business customers.

Interruptions Can Negatively Affect Quality Of Work

Modern office workers are expected to multitask regularly, often juggling multiple projects and priorities over the course of a day.

Microsofts New CEO Refocuses Company On Productivity

Since Satya Nadella took the reins of technology giant Microsoft it was clear that he would likely take the company in a very different direction than his predecessor Steve Ballmer.

Irrational Exuberance Observed When It Comes To Investing

new study has confirmed that The Oracle of Omaha knew what he was talking about as researchers from Caltech and Virginia Tech have found that during economic bubbles, wise traders receive an early warning signal from their brains telling them to sell

Employees Are Happier When They Get Short Smartphone Breaks

According to a new study from the Kansas State University, taking short microbreaks for non-work related play on smartphones during the day, helps boost production and overall moral of the employee.

Cyberloafing In The Workplace - Who Are The Biggest Culprits

A new study from researchers in Norway has found that people who like to browse social media at work tend to be male, single and/or have a higher education.

Many Agressive Co-Workers May Not Even Know They Are Jerks

A new study from researchers at Columbia Business School suggests that people who are aggressive at work probably don’t realize they are being too pushy and assertive.

US Supreme Court Shoots Down Googles Challenge Over Street

Google won't get its day in court – at least not the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). The highest court in the land on Monday declined to hear Google Inc.'s lawsuit challenge.

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