July 26, 2007

Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies to Start Operations

Today's announcement marks the culmination of years of research and work into the development of Maglev technology perfected by Mr. Ed Mazur for the specific purpose of providing less expensive, cleaner energy for America.

Mr. Mazur is the foremost authority on the diversified application of Magnetic Levitation Technology, or Maglev. At 60 years of age, Mr. Mazur's philosophy for good health and success is focused on moderation and prevention. This philosophy has played into his solution for limiting the unabated use of fossil fuels, which is known by scientists worldwide to be the double-edged sword for mankind. This solution comes in the form of wind power with Maglev technology to convert the wind into useable energy.

Mr. Mazur has researched variable renewable energy sources since 1981 and has established a proven Maglev wind power generation model based on kinetic energy, of which the major components are weight and speed.

Mr. Mazur has unparalleled knowledge of the diversified renewable energy markets and extreme engineering industries. The management and consulting team he has worked with in the formation of this device has hundreds of years of combined experience in related fields of expertise and experience.

"We thank everyone who supports a diversified renewable energy program. Unlike any other form of renewable energy, wind energy has the greatest potential for energy independence," explains Ed Mazur in response to his newly launched wind turbine power generating device.

With the future of our world in question, and because of the rapid dissolving of the ozone layer and the threat of global warming, America is left more vulnerable now than ever before. With our country's reliance on foreign energy sources, it is with little doubt that the Maglev Wind Turbine will help in a major way to alleviate such problems.

With one Maglev Wind Turbine using less than 100 acres to generate the same amount of electricity that it takes more than 500 wind mills using tens of thousands of acres, it is of no surprise that interest in the Maglev Company has been so outstanding.

Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies Inc. is not a publicly-traded company and therefore, cannot solicit investments. Those who do invest in the company are given a full understanding of the technology prior to doing so.

The Maglev Wind Turbine will be the largest and most efficient wind turbine ever constructed.

For more information about the company please visit our website at: www.magturbine.com or for further inquiries, please email us at [email protected]