August 13, 2007

Lear Financial Recommends Gold Investment During Current Volatile Stock Market

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- With the Federal Reserve injecting a third dose of liquidity into the banking system, experts say that trouble in the credit market might be worse than originally thought. According to Kevin DeMeritt, president of Lear Financial, a leading precious metals company the ongoing stock market volatility provides a great time to own gold and other precious metals especially for investors who are looking for long- term, secure investments.

Recently, the price of gold per ounce has decreased, but overall several gold funds reached all-time highs in 2006 and are expected to resume their trend upward again.

"Weary investors looking for a more stable and secure place to put their savings should turn to gold," says DeMeritt. "Gold should maintain its value and even increase as there's more demand than mining supply. I suspect that stock market volatility will continue and given interest rates, real estate is a risky investment too. Gold is the solution."

DeMeritt adds that the last four years of gold trading are reminiscent to the '70s when gold moved from $38 to more than $800.

In addition, Central banks in several countries have stated their intent to increase their gold holdings instead of selling. In addition, experts anticipate the pressures of enormous debts will increasingly tempt governments to return to backing their currencies with gold. Governments and central banks have been suppressing the price of gold since 1995 by lending and selling their gold. Gold experts say they won't be able to continue to suppress gold and the price of gold and silver will soar.

Currently, most gold consumption is done in India and China and worldwide gold production is not matching consumption. DeMeritt predicts this is another cause for gold prices to increase.

Founded in 1997 with 13 employees, the company reported $5 million in gross sales its first year. In less than 10 years, the company has 46 employees and has grown 1,760 percent to gross sales revenues of $88 million.

A recognized industry leader, Lear Financial works with all types of precious metals to help clients meet their specific investment needs. Each client receives a personal account representative to assist with purchasing or liquidating precious metals and clients have 24 hour online access to Lear. The company prides itself on keeping clients updated on the market and offers an "Investor-Friendly Service Guarantee." Most important, the company is transparent about any costs and fees and every transaction is contracted.

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