August 17, 2007

Consumer Cell Phones & Service Provider Trends

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "Consumer Cell Phones & Service Provider Trends" to their offering.

ChangeWave's latest consumer cell phone survey was completed July 20, 2007, nearly four weeks after the much ballyhooed release of the Alliance iPhone. A total of 3,003 members of the ChangeWave Alliance participated in the survey.

Key Questions Answered in this Report:

Who is the top cell phone manufacturer?

Who is the top cellular service provider?

Are consumers likely to sign up for Verizon's Fiber-Optic Service?

Are consumers likely sign-up for AT&T's U-verse Internet and Television service if it becomes available their area?

Top Reasons to Purchase this Report:

Understand the impact Apple's iPhone is having on the cellular telephone market

Identify the top cell phone manufacturer

Learn how satisfied consumers are with their current cell phones

We survey our proprietary intelligence-gathering network of 10,000 accredited members on a wide range of research topics and convert the findings into valuable business intelligence reports. These credentialed technology professionals and business executives work in over 20 vertical industries -- and spend their everyday lives on the frontline of technological change. Nearly 3 out of every 5 members (58%) have advanced degrees (e.g., Master's or Ph.D.) and 94% have at least a four-year bachelor's degree.

Our research provides a real-time view of companies, technologies and business trends in key market sectors, along with an in-depth perspective of the macro economy - well in advance of other available sources.

Content Outline:


Summary of Key Findings

The Findings

The Upheaval Among Cell Phone Manufacturers

Cellular Service Providers

Verizon's Fiber-Optic Service (FiOS) vs. AT&T's U-verse

ChangeWave Research Methodology

About ChangeWave Research

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