August 18, 2007

Kanawha School Bus Routes Same As Last Year

Kanawha County school officials say the bus routes for public school students will be the same as last year when classes begin Aug. 27.

Students should be at the bus stop no more than five minutes before the scheduled time, according to the county's Pupil Transportation Department. For safety, students should wear light clothing to help motorists see them, and parents should provide supervision at all bus stops until the bus arrives.

Students in Head Start, LEAP or kindergarten programs, as well as disabled students, should be accompanied by a responsible person until they are safely on the bus. In the evening, these small children and disabled students must be met at the bus by an authorized person. If there is no one to receive the child, the bus will complete its route and return the child to the school. Students who attend a school outside their home school attendance area must wait until Sept. 11 to see if there is space on an existing run.

The schools can answer questions about specific bus routes this year. Bus information has been provided to each school in Kanawha County. "How to be a Star Player on the School Bus Safety Team" brochures with bus safety rules will be distributed by each school.

Following is a list of the school bus terminals, supervisors and phone numbers for high school feeder schools:

Capital/Hoover, Wade Carnell - 348-1989, 348-1991

Riverside, Herman Freeman - 949-4714

Nitro/St. Albans, Lenda Vance - 722-0236

Sissonville, Donald Jarrett - 348-1963

George Washington/South Charleston, Alice Foster - 766-0373

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