September 6, 2007

DTN/Meteorlogix Partnership With Flight Explorer Integrates Weather Information and Flight Operations in One Convenient Application

DTN, the world leader in weather forecasting, display and decision support technology, today announced that it has expanded its partnership with Flight Explorer to combine the global weather analysis of MxVision AviationSentry Online™ with the flight operations management of Flight Explorer. DTN serves as a primary weather partner for Flight Explorer providing a comprehensive weather package yielding international weather data for flight planning, analysis tools for dispatching and a means to provide consistent weather information to pilots that provide cost savings for the air carrier.

DTN provides geo-referenced weather layers that are integrated into the Flight Explorer package. The combination provides access to unprecedented weather and flight planning information in the most-timely manner, with the highest resolution in one convenient display. The end result is improved mission-critical weather decision support that helps dispatchers obtain a better sense of anticipated weather conditions along flight paths.

"Successful integration of Flight Explorer with Aviation Sentry Online is good news for business and commercial aviation carriers and will greatly improve air traffic flow management decisions," said Jim Kelly, chief executive officer, Flight Explorer. "As the aviation community is struggling with delays that result from inclement weather and air traffic congestion, access to a complete solution becomes as important as saving time and money."

"DTN is pleased to showcase a necessary and useful tool resulting from its partnership with an industry leader like Flight Explorer," said Robert Gordon, chief executive officer, DTN. "DTN/Meteorlogix provides aviation weather information which complements the traffic management, and aircraft tracking of Flight Explorer. The result is a new phase of worldwide weather and flight planning, all in a single application. It makes it easy for dispatchers to do their jobs and provide reliable, accurate weather information while planning and logging and managing flights accordingly."

About Flight Explorer

Flight Explorer is a global flight tracking, information technology and communications solutions provider to the commercial and business aviation community. The company provides these solutions to over 800 corporate clients, including over 85 percent of the North American major airlines and 22 of the top 30 regional airlines. Additionally, consumers and aviation enthusiasts can enhance their travel experience with Flight Explorer's free online flight tracking and airport information tools. For more information please visit

About DTN

DTN, a private company based in Omaha, Neb., is the leading business-to-business provider of real-time market, news and weather information services to agriculture, energy trading markets and other weather-sensitive industries. The company delivers on-demand market information, commodity cash prices, industry news and in-depth analysis, and location-specific weather to over 120,000 subscribers through DTN for agriculture, refined fuels and trading markets, and DTN/Meteorlogix. Also, DTN owns and operates The Progressive Farmer magazine, the largest publication focusing on the information needs of commercial farmers and landowners. The magazine reaches three million readers based on 650,000 subscribers concentrated in the South and Midwest. More information about DTN can be found at

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