October 1, 2007

Unisys AirCore Solution Goes Live at Hahn Air

Unisys Corporation (NYSE:UIS) announced today that Hahn Air Systems GmbH has successfully implemented the initial phase of its eTops next-generation airline booking system based on the Unisys Airline Core Systems Solutions (AirCore). Hahn Air brought the initial phase of its eTops solution into production by implementing the booking system of its client Edelweiss Air from Switzerland. Using its unique tool, eTops Talk, Hahn Air Systems is granting seamless connectivity of eTops with global distribution systems (GDSs).

Hahn Air, a German IATA member airline and one of the world's leading interline e-ticketing (IET) implementers with a global presence in IATA Billing and Settlement Plans (BSPs) covering almost 100 countries and serving partner airlines from all continents, chose a modular approach to begin the introduction of eTops and AirCore. This initial phase included the following AirCore modules: Booking (reservations), Information (referenceable database), Operational Customer Database (customer value and preferences), Space (inventory control), and Flights (flight scheduling). Unisys developed AirCore as a next-generation marketing, sales and service solution suite designed to replace conventional airline reservations, inventory and departure control systems.

"The successful implementation of AirCore by Hahn Air demonstrates the commitment of all parties in ensuring that the next-generation technology is truly the future of airline industry operations," said Olivier Houri, president and general manager, Unisys Global Transportation. "We look forward to working with Hahn Air to further deploy the eTops solution and realize the potential of customer-centric passenger services."

The Unisys AirCore solution allows airlines to increase productivity by moving from a transaction-centric to a customer-centric view of the business. AirCore enables airlines to make better real-time, operational decisions because it delivers consolidated information to airline staff about passengers, including customer interests and preferences. The solution is open, Web-based and platform-independent and can be seamlessly integrated in existing IT infrastructures.

About Hahn Air Systems GmbH

Hahn Air Systems GmbH is a subsidiary of Hahn Air Lines GmbH, has its head office in Dreieich (Frankfurt) and its development and data processing center in Sofia (Bulgaria). Learn more about Hahn Air visiting www.hahnair.com.

About Unisys

Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company. We provide high-level services in consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, and infrastructure services, combined with powerful enterprise server technology. We specialize in helping organizations use information to create efficient, secure business operations that allow our clients to grow and achieve their business goals. Our consultants and industry experts work with clients to understand their business challenges and create greater visibility into critical linkages throughout their operations. For more information, visit www.unisys.com.

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