October 3, 2007

History of Oil Well Drilling Records the Beginning and Development of the Oil Well Drilling Industry

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c70325) has announced the addition of "History of Oil Well Drilling" to their offering.

An artfully illustrated account of the oil industry's most important events. History of Oil Well Drilling, by Dr. J.E. Brantly, records the beginning and development of the oil well drilling industry from early water and brine well drilling to the vast oil industry of today.

More than 1700 illustrations and 1500 pages trace the evolution of equipment and methods used in drilling for oil. Every major tool and method is described in detail. From the simple spring pole to the cable tool, rotary and portable rigs, Dr. Brantly traces the origin, the development and the accessory tools of these major implements and compares them with modern equipment innovations.

There is a comprehensive report on marine drilling and the vast offshore oil fields. Directional drilling, blowout prevention, formation testing and well instruments are other pertinent items covered in this masterful pictorial history.

Dr. Brantly also tells the story behind developments, relating interesting and little-known highlights and personal experiences of the leaders and pioneers of the industry. And to make this history complete, he makes interpretations when facts could not be found, basing his hypotheses on available data.

For persons in the oil industry, especially those involved in the oil well drilling and manufacture of drilling equipment, this book supplies a thorough background of knowledge about the tools and methods used today. History of Oil Well Drilling is carefully written to avoid technical terms, which makes it a valuable source of information for the reader who does not have a technical background.

Author Biography:

The late Dr. J.E. Brantly had more than 50 years experience in the oil industry and spent more than 15 additional years researching this book. He brought a rare insight and technical know-how to the fascinating story of the evolution of the oil well drilling industry. He began as geologist and later organized the Drilling and Exploration Company, Inc. Author of Rotary Drilling Handbook, he contributed much to the technical literature on geology and oil well drilling. He was a distinguished lecturer and held 23 patents on oil well drilling machines, tools and instruments. This experience gave him the background and knowledge to collect and assemble the data for such an extensive history.

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