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The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement: What it Means for Ottawa

September 19, 2011

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OTTAWA, Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – The federal government should take heed of the Canadian Boreal Forest
Agreement (CBFA), an unexpected marriage between conservationists and
industry that is helping protect the environment and jobs while
boosting Canada’s image in the world.

That was the view expressed last night at a panel at the Museum of
Nature in Ottawa held to  celebrate National Forest Week and the
International Year of the Forest. The panel included Avrim Lazar,
President and CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC),
Richard Brooks, the Forests Campaign Coordinator for Greenpeace and Tim
Gray, the Program Director for the Ivey Foundation.

The landmark Boreal Agreement, signed in May 2010, brought together 9
conservation groups and 21 forest companies belonging to FPAC. The two
sides agreed to lay down arms and instead work together to change the
old paradigm of the environment versus the economy into one that
recognizes the need for both environmental conservation and a healthy

Avrim Lazar of FPAC says the CBFA is the single most recognized and
celebrated environmental initiative coming out of Canada for the past
decade and he suggests Canada can capitalize on that internationally. 
He has already been asked to explain the collaborative win-win approach
that underpins the agreement in Washington and other parts of the
United States as well as in Europe, while other resource industries in
Canada have also shown interest.

Lazar says the government can also look to the CBFA for lessons about
conservation planning, job protection and resolving conflicts.

The CBFA is now making significant strides to turn the agreement into
concrete change on the ground that will protect the Boreal forest and
threatened wildlife species while also protecting the people who rely
on the Boreal for their economic prosperity and traditional way of

The CBFA Secretariat is also working on caribou protection plans,  world
leading forest management practices, market outreach and deepening
relationships with First Nations and provincial governments.

SOURCE Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement Secretariat

Source: PR Newswire