New Dietary Supplement Combines Top Natural Antioxidants

September 27, 2011

Over-the-Counter Capsule is Nature’s Daily Defense’s Latest Response to Expanding Consumer Interest in Antioxidants.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

In recent years Nature’s Daily Defense witnessed the news coming out of the nation’s leading nutritional research centers pointing to the real health benefits of including more antioxidants in your daily diet.

From cancer prevention to circulatory system health to anti-aging dietary strategiesâ”the beneficial role of antioxidants has gained wide acceptance among nutritionists. Consumers meanwhile have not been slow in responding to the science community’s message.

According to John Russo, CEO of nutritional supplements producer Nature’s Daily Defense, the consumer’s only question is just which of nature’s sources provide the best and most useable antioxidants. A variety of fruits and other plants currently vie for that honor. Others seem to capture media attention with each new research report.

“As interest shifts to different fruits or herbs as superior sources of useable antioxidantsâ”consumers are often left wondering,” says Russo. “That’s why we decided to market a product that blends the best among the proven natural antioxidants, thereby taking guesswork out of nutritional therapy.”

His company’s success with their product seems to validate Russo’s marketing strategy.

In its first weeks on the market Max Antioxidant has already doubled its market share several times over. And Russo’s firm now finds itself in the enviable position of having to continually ramp up production to meet soaring demand.

The beneficial effects of antioxidants are thought to be linked to their documented ability to neutralize harmful by-products of human metabolismâ”the body’s transformation of the food we eat into necessary building blocks of life. Certain “free radicals” created in the process are considered detrimental to cell health.

“We designed Max Antioxidant to be the optimal supplement in its class. It combines acai berry, resveratrol, green tea (EGCG) and other top proven antioxidant sources that are prohibitively expensive when purchased separately,” notes Russo. “Max Antioxidant is a product which reflects the latest in research findingsâ”and is the one I now use myself.”

To learn more about Nature’s Daily Defense and their Max Antioxidant dietary supplement visit their website at NaturesDailyDefense.com or phone them at (888) 963-2459.


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