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Biotech Medical, Inc. Announces Enzymes Can NOW Be Purchased Online

October 5, 2011

NORTH CANTON, Ohio, Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Biotech Medical, Inc. introduced their enzyme cleaning product line just a couple short months ago; now they are very excited to announce these planet-safe cleaning products are available for sale on their website, with no minimum order quantity requirement. SpectraSan(TM) Enzymes are all-natural and proven effective at accomplishing the specific job targeted. They are environmentally friendly and, in certain cases, actually help the task of cleaning the waste and toxic byproducts of manufacturing and everyday life. In contrast, traditional chemicals are not specifically engineered to the task intended and often cause harm to the environment.

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Traditionally, enzymes have been very expensive to purchase, and in many instances it has been difficult to find retailers that carry a full line of the many cleaning products we need and want. Biotech Medical is able to offer their enzyme products at great prices, with no minimum order requirement.

Key benefits to Online Ordering:

1. No minimum quantity

2. Pick from a large variety of cleaning products, ensuring your needs are met.

3. Extremely competitive pricing!

4. Our enzymes are proudly made in the USA and several have DfE approval!

To purchase products, visit www.spectrasan.com. This revolutionary cleaning line includes: a Pet Stain & Odor Eraser, Spa & Whirlpool Cleaner, Mold & Mildew Stain Cleaner, No-Rinse Floor Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner and a Medical Instrument Spray and Medical Enzyme Detergent.

Enzymes are a natural part of our world and play an important role in everyday life. They are found in every living organism and life is not possible without them. Enzymes are catalysts, not living organisms. They cause natural reactions to occur faster. Enzymes either start a process or accelerate an existing process. Whenever a substance needs to be removed or transformed into another substance, enzymes are the answer. SpectraSan’s entire enzyme product line is non-toxic and non-caustic, does not contain acids or corrosive material and all products are hypoallergenic. They are free of harsh fumes and vapors, phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum based solvents.

During the past few years, a variety of so-called “green” cleaning products have been introduced to the market by dozens of companies. Unfortunately, most of these products do not actually contain environmentally-safe ingredients, nor are they all-natural or truly “green”. By contrast, several SpectraSan(TM) Enzyme cleaners have been granted the DfE seal of approval by the EPA and have been given permission to display the seal on their product labels and marketing materials. It represents the highest measure of “green” cleaning technology available in the industry.

About Biotech Medical, Inc.

Biotech Medical, Inc. is a North Canton, Ohio based division of privately held SCI, a leading international marketing company. SCI distributes hundreds of diversified products around the world and has established its success through product innovation and multi-channel marketing. Biotech Medical’s multiple business segments are each focused on the distribution of innovative healthcare products, including the SDC-based SpectraSan 24 and Cruise Control hard surface disinfectants, and SpectraSan Water PURE, a revolutionary and new water purification product sold outside the United States. For more information, please visit www.spectrasan.com.

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