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Pacific Coal announces third quarter operational update

October 6, 2011

TORONTO, Oct. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Pacific Coal Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: PAK)
announced today an operational update on its producing mines, La Caypa
and Cerro Largo – La Divisa.

Luis Carvajales, Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Coal, commented: “We
are very pleased with the third quarter performance of both La Caypa
and Cerro Largo. La Caypa’s production and strip ratio results are
still ahead of management’s projections, while the progress at Cerro
Largo that we have achieved in such a short amount of time will
continue into the next quarter, keeping us on track to reach production
of 1.6 million to 1.8 million tonnes by year-end. We are also satisfied
with the advancement of our other projects, including the exploration
program at La Tigra and the increased installed capacity for coke
production at CI Jam.”

Current production at La Caypa  

    |Period      |Production (metric tonnes)|Waste (bcm)|Strip Ratio|
    |Q3/2011     |              315,895     | 1,945,252 |   6.16:1  |
    |Year to date|              970,339     | 6,615,620 |   6.82:1  |

The third quarter production at La Caypa represents an annualized rate
of 1.26 million tonnes vs. management’s projection of 1.20 million
tonnes. Due to increased efficiencies at the mine, the third quarter
strip ratio at La Caypa was 6.16:1, representing an approximate
improvement of 14% in comparison to the previous quarter.

Current production at Cerro Largo – La Divisa  

    |Period       |Production (metric tonnes)|Waste (bcm)|Strip Ratio|
    |Q3/2011      |               44,187     |   584,475 |   13.23:1 |
    |Year to date*|              169,917     | 3,536,760 |   20.81:1 |

*Q1/2011 production of Cerro Largo was prior to Pacific Coal acquisition

The integrated mine plan at Cerro Largo was implemented towards the end
of the second quarter, which allowed for less waste rock removal during
the third quarter. The Company aims to make further progress at Cerro
Largo, which will result in significant improvements in both production
and strip ratio over the next few quarters. Management estimates that
Cerro Largo will increase production by over 400% and improve its strip
ratio by approximately 35% during the fourth quarter of 2011.

From production at both La Caypa and Cerro Largo, exports totaled
448,691 tonnes and the average achieved sale price was US$102.51/tonne FOB,
representing revenues of approximately US$46 million for the third
quarter of 2011. The increase in export volumes compared to the
previous quarter was due to incremental production coming from both La
Caypa and Cerro Largo assets, as well as efficiencies achieved in the
logistics chain by the incorporation of the new truck fleet.

Freight on truck (“FOT”) sales from Cerro Largo under contracts that
were inherited from Norcarbon totaled 5,472.40 tonnes at a price of
US$38.84 per tonne.

Exploration at La Caypa and Cerro Largo

Additional exploration at both La Caypa and Cerro Largo mines has been
undertaken in coordination with SRK pursuant to updating the National
Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101″) technical reports in connection with
open pit and underground resources at both mines. Additionally,
drilling at both mines will include methane emission readings and a
geotechnical study to ascertain floor and roof stability in connection
with the underground projects to be undertaken at both mines.
Exploration at both mines is scheduled to be completed by

New sales purchase agreement

Pacific Coal has entered into a sales purchase agreement (the
“Contract”) with LCC Group (“LCC”), an established energy services
company based in Ireland, for the supply of 700,000 tonnes per annum,
commencing upon the completion of deliveries under their existing
long-term contract and extending the relationship between the two
companies to 2019. Pricing for deliveries under the Contract is to be
agreed upon on an annual basis and shall be based on the forward price
curves. The estimated value of the Contract is approximately US$350
million dollars based on management’s conservative reference projected
forward price of US$100 per metric tonne, which will provide stable
cash flows for both La Caypa and Cerro Largo.  LCC and Pacific Coal
have just completed a new screening installation at both the La Caypa
and Cerro Largo mines. Coal sold to LCC is shipped to washing and
processing facilities at Gijon, Spain; Londonderry and Belfast in
Northern Ireland; and Oxelosund in Sweden.

CI Jam

One hundred and sixty ovens are currently operational at CI Jam and coke
production is expected to ramp up during the fourth quarter of 2011.
The 160 ovens represent an installed capacity of 72,000 tons per annum.
A third installation of 100 ovens has been authorized at the property,
maximizing the use of actual installed infrastructure and taking total
actual capacity to 120,000 tonnes per annum, which will enable Pacific
Coal to meet the coke production volumes forecasted for 2014. The new
100 oven battery is expected to be commissioned by the first quarter of

Metallurgical coal production out of the Cerrejoncito and La Mona
underground mines, located in the CI Jam property, has started at
levels of 500 tonnes per month, ramping up to 6,500 tonnes per month in
18 months.

La Tigra Asphaltite Deposit Exploration

Exploration at La Tigra progresses according to schedule. Magnetometry,
Gravimetry, Magnetoteluric and Hiperespectral studies have been
contracted and 5 drills (3 Longyear LF 70 and 2 Longyear LF 90) were
acquired to increase exploration and interpretation efforts of the
deposit. Exploration is expected to continue throughout the fourth
quarter of 2011 with the objective of the completion of a NI-43-101
resource statement in the first quarter of 2012.

CAW Trials

Industrial sized samples of Colloidal Asphaltite in Water (“CAW”) are
being prepared at the Blue Advanced Colloidal Fuel facilities in
Panama, using the recently acquired Filmix equipment. Trial burns at
the Ohio-based Babcock & Wilcox facilities are now scheduled for
late-October to early-November.


Economic and technical prefeasibility evaluation is being conducted on
pyrolysis with asphaltite. Pyrolysis has been conducted in the past by
other companies and is a proven process with existing technology
(delayed coking) that is widely available in the market by different
engineering companies, as well as other commercially proven
technologies based on the processing of oil shales that could be
modified to convert asphaltites.

Barranquilla Port

The Barranquilla Port project continues on schedule and the Company has
agreed to a final design and layout provided by Nathan and Associates.
Soil surveys have been completed and land movement is scheduled to
commence during the fourth quarter of 2011. Pacific Coal has initiated
social and work programs within the community of Barranquilla in order
to provide improvement of living conditions and opportunities to the
people that live in the area of influence of the port.

Tender for detailed engineering, equipment, supply and construction is
expected to be issued in the first quarter of 2012.

Third Quarter Financial Results

The Company expects to announce its third quarter financial results on
or about November 29, 2011.

About Pacific Coal Resources Ltd.

Pacific Coal Resources Ltd. is a Canadian-based mining company focused
on coal, coking coal, asphalt and asphaltite exploration, development
and production from prospective producing, development-stage and
exploration-stage properties in Colombia. The Company has acquired or
entered into agreements to acquire various interests in several
operating coal mines and projects, representing a substantive coal and
asphaltite exploration and production area throughout Colombia. Pacific
Coal is committed to implementing its exploration and development
strategy with a comprehensive environment, safety and community
program, meeting international standards of best practice.

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