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New Teijin Plant in the Netherlands Makes World’s Strongest Tape

October 12, 2011

ARNHEM, The Netherlands, October 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Today, on the Emmtec grounds in Emmen, the Netherlands, Teijin Aramid
opened its newest plant for the production of the world’s strongest tape,
Endumax. By adding the new high-performance polyethylene tape (HP-PE) to its
product portfolio, the Teijin Group has taken the next step toward global
market leadership in super fibers & materials.

For years, the Netherlands has played a dominant role in the global
production of super fibers, including Teijin’s aramid fiber Twaron. Thanks
to the unique properties of Endumax and the start of the production in
Emmen, a new material can be added to the list. The aim is to obtain a
global market share with Endumax of at least 15% by 2015. Production
capacity will be 1,000 tons a year before the end of 2012. Teijin has again
invested dozens of millions of euros for the production of Endumax. A boost
for the economy in the northern part of the country and provides dozens of
extra jobs in the area.

Endumax-tape is made from a special type of polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is
11x stronger than steel at the same weight, while its stiffness is
comparable to carbon fiber. The tape is extremely strong, chemical
resistant, not brittle, light in weight and can easily and effectively be
used in thin and flat structures. It will play a significant role in making
various materials stronger and lighter. For example, it will be used for
bulletproof plates, tubes, high performance synthetic plates as well as
narrow tapes for cut-resistant gloves, ropes and nets, among other things.

In contrast to the manufacture of most polyethylene fibers on the
market, no solvent is used to produce Endumax-tape. The advantages are a
lower environmental impact due to less energy consumption and lower
emissions into water and air as well. This makes Endumax a unique,
innovative and sustainable product that offers added value in many different

Endumax started its development in Japan and was further optimized in
close cooperation with Teijin Aramid’s development center in Arnhem. The
successful cooperation between the laboratories in Japan and the Netherlands
and the knowledge at Teijin Aramid’s production locations in the Netherlands
led to the Management Board’s decision to open the first plant in Emmen.

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Source: PR Newswire