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Verlasso(TM) Expands Through Launch with Zupan’s, Bringing Harmoniously Raised Salmon to Portland Market

November 8, 2011

MIAMI, Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Verlasso(TM), the world’s first provider of harmoniously raised fish, has expanded its market presence through the launch of its premium salmon with Zupan’s Markets, Portland’s leading family owned and operated grocery concept. Verlasso salmon announced a launch via Fresh Direct in New York last month.

Verlasso brings a new category of farmed salmon to consumers who care about how their food was raised and where it comes from. Verlasso’s revolutionary, harmonious approach to farming produces a high quality, great tasting salmon that promotes a healthy balance between consumers’ nutritional needs and the needs of the environment.

“We are thrilled to bring Verlasso salmon to the customers of Zupan’s,” said Scott Nichols, director of Verlasso. “For more than 35 years, the Zupan’s family has provided the highly discerning consumers of Portland with hand-picked, high-quality grocery items. Verlasso is proud to be a part of that tradition.”

Verlasso’s most significant farming innovation is their use of 75 percent fewer feeder fish to produce healthy salmon rich in Omega-3s. In traditional salmon farms, the salmon get their Omega-3s from their diets. Currently, these Omega-3s come from fish oils provided by wild-caught feeder fish, which puts a significant strain on our oceans.

In addition to the ground-breaking reduction of feeder fish, Verlasso’s farming practices fundamentally change the relationship between salmon farming and the oceans. The company is committed to improving its farming methods continuously to ensure customers the best salmon possible today and for generations to come:

  • Verlasso salmon are raised in the cold, clean waters of Southern Patagonia, away from industrial development, ensuring a healthier salmon
  • Verlasso salmon swim freely in spacious pens – less than four fish per ton of water – producing a leaner fish than traditionally farmed salmon and reducing the impact on the local eco-system
  • Every phase of the salmon’s life – from egg to harvest – is accounted for, ensuring integrity and freshness all the way to the consumer

“We know our customers at Zupan’s care about feeding their families the freshest and most sustainable seafood options possible,” said Bruce Brotherton, Director of Perishables at Zupan’s Markets. “Verlasso, like Zupan’s, wants to offers our customers the best-tasting, highest-quality sustainable salmon in the marketplace.”

Verlasso salmon is now available at all Portland area Zupan’s Markets and is cut to order. Recipes, videos, and cooking and pantry tips using Verlasso are available at www.verlasso.com.

About Verlasso

Verlasso(TM) is committed to continuous improvement in its aquaculture practices, working in concert with some of the world’s leading thinkers to sustain people, fish and the planet. Learn more at www.verlasso.com.

About Zupan’s Markets

Zupan’s Markets is a local, family-owned and operated business serving Portland, Oregon’s food-loving community since 1974. Passionate about food and wine, Zupan’s brings the world to its customers’ table through the freshest, highest quality ingredients available from local and global sources. Visit Zupan’s three Portland locations at 2340 W Burnside, 7221 SW Macadam, and 3301 SE Belmont, or visit us online at www.zupans.com, join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @zupans.

Verlasso is a brand and trademark of AquaChile. AquaChile and DuPont formed a partnership that will join the collective innovation and aquaculture expertise of the companies to identify how to raise fish sustainably to provide nutritious protein for a growing population.

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