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Himark licenses its Integrated bioRefinery(TM) patent and its patent-pending Enhanced Ethanol production technology to Western Plains Energy LLC for a value of $15,000,000.00

December 6, 2011

CALGARY, Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – www.HimarkBioGas.com ‘s newest U.S. patent is now being legally exploited by Western Plains
Energy LLC (“WPE”) at its 50 MMGPY plant in Oakley, Kansas.  The rest
of the ethanol industry in the U.S. is encouraged to contact Himark
about integrating Waste-to-Energy (bioGas) plants with ethanol plants,
if they would like to legally attain the same measurable, significant

This digester alone will boost the total on-farm biogas production in
the USA by 10%.

Key features of WPE’s “powered by Himark” system include:

        --  Anaerobic Digestion ("AD") consumes waste and neutralizes odor
            of a massive feedlot as well as other organic wastes
        --  Enhanced, Integrated Ethanol Production ("EIEP") technology
            will result in a 10% boost to ethanol output at WPE ***with no
            extra costs***
        --  WPE's ethanol plant will go off-grid, resulting in a dramatic
            decrease of its carbon intensity ("CI") across 100% of its
        --  Employment in Kansas will be 100,000 man-hours of design,
            engineering and construction, with an annual 20,000 man-hours
            per year thereafter
        --  6 million gallons of AD capacity will generate over
            100,000,000.00 BTU of renewable energy **every hour of every
        --  Plant expansion is allowed under Himark's agreement with WPE
            (to over 10 million gallons of AD capacity)
        --  This will be the largest such plant in the whole world
        --  Himark's patent covers other optional features (add-ons)
            including the integration of:
      o Algae systems (Himark's designs are all "Algae Ready(TM)")
      o BioDiesel facilities
      o Animal barns/coops, open-pen feedlots, sand-laden dairy farms and
        other organic waste generators
      o An SRM/prion-destruction module, as well as other
        pathogen-destruction characteristics
      o Waste processing machinery
      o bioGas cleaning/conditioning capability
      o An electrical generator (co-gen unit), or heat/electricity
      o Nutrient Recovery (also patented)
      o ...and more
        --  Not only are these kinds of integrated systems
            patent-protected, but so are the methods of using the systems
        --  Himark's patents have numerous claims forming a strong matrix
            for the dual benefit of flexibility and versatility in
            licensing discussions, as well as having better legal
            ammunition against potential challengers and competitors. 

WPE has been an industry leader in the U.S. ethanol sector since 2004. 
Its proactive work and conscientious licensing agreement with Himark
prove that WPE intends to remain at the forefront of innovations and
ethical business practices in the ethanol industry.

Himark intends to make its know-how, trade secrets and patents available
to other ethanol plants in the U.S. which also seek to dramatically
raise their profits and lower their carbon intensity in an ethical and
legal manner.

About Himark:

Since 1999, Himark has been developing proprietary waste-to-energy
technologies in its Canadian labs and in field scale-ups around the
world.  Himark has enjoyed the sponsorship of the governments of both
Alberta and Canada–and other sophisticated partners–totaling US$25
million of investment over the past 12 years.  Alberta is an “energy
superpower”, thanks to approx. 3 mil. gallons/day (and growing) of oil
supply to the USA….the single biggest supplier of energy to the USA,
second to none.

To take its ongoing R&D innovations into the field, Himark offers
consulting engineering, Feasibility Studies, and design development for
the world’s most economical plants for any scale of bioGas facility. 
Himark’s IMUS ™ technology can address hard-to-digest materials with
a high proportion of solids, mixed feed stocks, integrations with other
industrial processes, and bioHazard destruction, no matter what the
environment (arid, tropical, arctic, or semi-arid). 

Himark licenses its patented and patent-pending technology, know-how and
trade secrets to project owners around the world.  Himark has seven
patent “families” either granted or in process:

        --  Integrated Bio-Digestion Facility: US Patent and South Africa
            Patent both allowed--other countries pending
        --  Use of Anaerobic Digestion to Destroy bioHazards and to Enhance
            bioGas Production
        --  Enhanced Ethanol Fermentation Using bioDigestate ("EIEP")
        --  Process for Removal and Recovery of Nutrients from Digested
            Manure or Other Organic Wastes: US Patent granted; Canada
            Patent granted; other countries pending
        --  Nutrient Recovery Methods and Uses (patent soon to be allowed)
        --  Handling and Processing Waste Material ("High Solids In-Feed
            System"): US Patent granted; South Africa Patent allowed; other
            countries pending
        --  Grit Removal System ("Clean Slate(TM)" System)

An eighth patent family is being drafted at this time, to be applied for
in 2012. 

SOURCE Himark bioGas Inc.

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