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25 Emerging Market Countries will be $27 to $49 Billion Smart Grid Opportunity Over The Next Decade

December 7, 2011

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A new study has identified 25 emerging market countries that are positioned for the next wave of smart grid activity over the coming decade. These countries will represent a smart metering market alone of at least $27 billion and could reach $49 billion by 2020. The total number of electricity meters in these countries will grow to 406 million by 2020, with 28% already under some regulatory mandate or target to be “smart meters.” The new study, released by Northeast Group, LLC is entitled “Emerging Markets Smart Grid: 25-Country Overview.” It analyzes the smart grid potential of 25 countries from Central/Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.

“The majority of smart grid activity to-date has taken place in well known markets in North America, Western Europe and East Asia. These developed markets represent more than 95% of the current installed base of smart meters worldwide. However, there are a number of very attractive emerging market countries that have not received as much coverage and have very strong potential for smart metering and other smart grid projects. We view these 25 countries as representing the next wave of activity worldwide,” according to Northeast Group, LLC.

“Smart grid offers emerging markets a number of potential benefits. Countries can improve overall electric utility reliability, reduce electricity theft rates, manage surging demand and incorporate new sources of renewable energy. Modernizing the electricity infrastructure will be increasingly important as these economies grow quickly over the next several years. The 25 countries in the study are forecast to see average annual GDP growth of 4.3% over the next five years, compared with 1.7% in the developed world,” according to Northeast Group, LLC.

All 25 countries analyzed in the study are projected to begin smart grid deployments in the coming decade. In fact, 11 of the 25 countries are well positioned to begin large-scale smart grid deployments within the next 1-3 years. These include Brazil, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the United Arab Emirates. The scope of the study did not include the China or India markets.

Smart metering – or advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) – deployments will make up the majority of initial smart grid activity, creating significant meter hardware, communications, IT, and professional services markets across the 25 countries. Following AMI, there is strong potential for distribution automation, substation automation, and home energy management technologies, including distributed solar generation and electric vehicle supply equipment.

Northeast Group, LLC assessed the smart meter potential of each country based on the potential benefits, the regulatory framework in place and the total market size. The report includes details on each of the 25 countries, including their industry structure, regulatory framework, business case indicators, and existing smart grid activity.

Emerging Markets Smart Grid: 25-Country Overview” is 91 pages long and includes over 80 unique charts, tables and graphics. To order a copy of the report, please visit www.northeast-group.com or email Ben Gardner at: ben.gardner@northeast-group.com

ABOUT: Northeast Group, LLC is a Washington, DC-based smart grid market intelligence firm. Our research is focused on the smart grid opportunity in emerging market countries.

Key questions addressed in this report:

  • Which emerging market countries have the most developed smart grid regulatory frameworks?
  • Which emerging market countries have the potential to reap the most direct benefits from smart meter deployments?
  • Which international and local vendors are best placed to take advantage of growth in emerging markets smart grid?
  • How will regional bodies such as the EU, ASEAN, and GCC expedite deployments?
  • What other smart grid projects such as distribution automation, substation automation and home energy management are also evolving?
    Table of Contents

    i. Executive Summary                                                   1
    ii. Methodology                                                        5
    1. Introduction                                                        7
    2. Global overview                                                    12
                2.1 Drivers common across emerging markets                12
                2.2 Smart meter potential in emerging markets             14
                2.3 Vendor activity                                       17
    3. Regional and country summaries                                     19
                3.1 Template description                                  19
    4. Central/Eastern Europe                                             21
                3.1 Bulgaria                                              23
                3.2 Czech Republic                                        25
                3.3 Hungary                                               27
                3.4 Poland                                                29
                3.5 Romania                                               31
                3.6 Slovakia                                              33
                3.7 Slovenia                                              35
    5. Latin America                                                      37
                4.1 Argentina                                             39
                4.2 Brazil                                                41
                4.3 Chile                                                 43
                4.4 Colombia                                              45
                4.5 Mexico                                                47
                4.6 Peru                                                  49
    6. Middle East/North Africa                                           51
                5.1 Egypt                                                 53
                5.2 Oman                                                  55
                5.3 Qatar                                                 57
                5.4 Saudi Arabia                                          59
                5.5 United Arab Emirates                                  61
    7. Southeast Asia                                                     63
                6.1 Indonesia                                             65
                6.2 Philippines                                           67
                6.3 Singapore                                             69
                6.4 Thailand                                              71
                6.5 Vietnam                                               73
    8. Other regions                                                      75
                7.1 South Africa                                          77
                7.2 Turkey                                                79
    9. Conclusions                                                        81
                8.1 Next steps                                            81
                8.2 List of abbreviations and acronyms                    82

    List of Figures, Boxes, and Tables

    Emerging markets smart grid: key takeaways                             2
    Emerging markets smart meter potential                                 3
    Figure 1.1: Smart grid value chain                                     6
    Figure 1.2: Smart grid model highlighting focus in emerging markets    7
    Table 1.1: Demand response options                                     9
    Figure 2.1: Emerging markets covered in this study                    11
    Figure 2.2: Annual electricity demand growth (2011 - 2020)            12
    Figure 2.3: Global distribution losses                                12
    Figure 2.4: Annual manufacturing business losses due to power outages 13
    Figure 2.5: Emerging markets smart meter potential                    14
    Table 2.1: Vendors active in pilot projects in emerging markets       16
    Table 2.2: Major metering vendor presence in emerging markets         17
    Figure 3.1: Smart meter potential in Central/Eastern Europe           20
    Figure 4.1: Smart meter potential in Latin America                    36
    Figure 5.1: Smart meter potential in Middle East/North Africa         50
    Figure 6.1: Smart meter potential in Southeast Asia                   62
    Table 8.1:  The next steps and necessary actions                      78

In addition to the figures and tables shown above, each country summary includes the following:

Table: industry structure;
Table: regulatory framework;
Chart: regional electricity consumption per capita (kWh);
Chart: regional electricity prices (cents per kWh);
Chart: regional distribution losses (%).

Therefore, this study includes an additional 65 unique charts and tables in addition to those cited above.

SOURCE Northeast Group, LLC

Source: PR Newswire