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“Get Ready! Dynamic Shift Coming in Commodities,” Says Stephen Smith.

December 14, 2011

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Dec. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — At Smith McKenna precious metals trading advisors, Stephen Smith, the company’s founder, is an expert at accurately forecasting gold, silver, copper and other precious metal commodities market trends. “Movements in spot prices for many commodities are totally predictable, when you consider all the factors that affect supply and demand. My research indicates we are in for a huge shift in 2012! It is imperative for precious metals commodity investments to be correctly positioned in Q1 to take full advantage of this huge wealth building opportunity.”

The commodities sage explains, “2012 will be shaped by massive investment around the globe. The East and West will compete to be the suppliers and developers of raw materials in small emerging nations. Social and political issues will force developing nations, including China, to create growth with no means to fight off a level of inflation that has not been seen since the 1970′s.”

“Additionally,” he proclaims, “U.S. and E.U. Nations will see an explosion in Tech demand as well as high tech machine goods from around the globe as infrastructure and mining demands rise. Consumer demand will create economic activity wiping out the poor performance seen since 2008. The wise investor knows that certain investable metals are used in the production of these hi-tech goods.”

For over 20 years, Stephen Smith has worked as a commodity trading advisor, parlaying his practical experience to benefit his clients. Harvard MBAs have sought his expertise based on his knowledge of socio-economic issues, economic forecasting, and international industrial consumption modeling. He now dedicates his life to informing his clients and thousands of social media followers on Twitter, and Linkedin about the predictable moves in Bullion, Silver, Copper and other precious metals that create multi-generational wealth for those well informed investors. He believes that successful investments hinge upon being “in the right market, in the right direction, at precisely the right time.” … and a lifetime of incredible results continue to prove him right.

“You Must Have Accurate Investing Information and Know How to Use It to Create Wealth, Real Wealth, the Kind of Wealth that Affects Generations”

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