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ResearchMoz: The World Market for Nanocoatings

December 21, 2011

NEW YORK, December 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

New Report Added in ResearchMoz Reports Database The World Market for Nanocoatings
[http://www.researchmoz.com/the-world-market-for-nanocoatings-report.html ].

Nanocoatings are opening up new market opportunities in the global coatings arena.
Properties such as corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, UV stability, gloss retention
and chemical and mechanical properties are improved significantly using nanostructured
materials. Main end user markets for nanocoatings are in construction and exterior
protection (mainly in anti-weathering coatings), military and defense (anti-corrosion
coatings for military vehicles and protective textiles for soldiers), household cleaning
(easy clean and anti-microbial coatings for household surfaces applied as pre-coats or
after treatment sprays) and automotive (anti-corrosion, thermal barrier and hydrophobic

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Nanocoatings are likely to replace traditional coatings in the medium to long-term in
end use segments such as packaging, anti-microbial, architectural, industrial
manufacturing, marine, wood, auto refinish, transportation and protective coatings. The
market for nanocoatings will grow across all sectors over the next 5-10 years, with the
medical, household care and food processing markets all experiencing large growth, driven
by the need for improved sanitary facilities and also pushed by the vast improvements
nanostructured coatings offer, from both a protective and destructive perspective. The
military market will remain the largest market with anti-corrosion coatings increasingly
applied. Anti-corrosion coatings will also drive revenues in the oil and gas industry, for
protective surfaces in pipelines and harsh environments.


        - Comprehensive quantitative data and forecasts for the global nanocoatings
          market to 2017
        - Qualitative insight and perspective on the current market and future trends in
          end user markets based on interviews with key executives
        - End user market analysis and technology roadmaps
        - Tables and figures illustrating market size and by end user demand
        - Over 250 full company profiles of nanocoatings application developers
          including technology descriptions, markets targetted and estimated revenues in 2010
        - Production methods and coating types including Anti-fingerprint,
          anti-bacterial/microbial, anti-scratch/corrosion/wear-resistant, anti-fouling and
          easy-clean, self-cleaning, UV resistant, flame retardant and thermal barrier


        - Advanced materials producers, application developers; sales and marketing
        - Corporate strategists and policy advisors
        - Technology consultants and analysts, venture capitalists, and readers
          interested in the advanced materials market
        - New technology teams and application developers in the aerospace & aviation,
          automotive, construction & exterior protection, household care, textiles, medical,
          energy, military, food & drink, tools and marine markets.

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