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DialAFlight: Table Mountain Shortlisted as one of Seven Wonders of Nature

January 10, 2012

LONDON, January 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

        - Cape Town's natural landmark provisionally shortlisted for coveted honour
        - Confirmed 'Seven Wonders of the Nature' to be announced early 2012

DialAFlight, one of the UK’s leading travel operators, is delighted to announce that
the World Heritage site Table Mountain, in South Africa, has been shortlisted to receive
special status as one of the world’s ‘Seven Wonders of Nature’. The famous landmark,
overlooking the coastal city of Cape Town, has provisionally been shortlisted to receive
the honour along with six other famous natural wonders, with confirmation due to be
announced early next year.

The flat-topped mountain is popularly earmarked as a ‘must see’ by tourists- whilst on
their South Africa Holidays [http://www.dialaflight.com/hotels/africa/southafrica ].
Protruding a thousand metres above sea level, the mountain plateau is most commonly
reached by cable car and provides unforgettable views of Cape Town below and the
surrounding landscape- on clear days, local guides claim you can see 150 km out to sea.

However, Table Mountain’s appeal is not solely based on the stunning panoramic views
it provides. The mountain also offers a stern test for keen rock climbers and
mountaineers. Hiking is a popular alternative to ascending the mountain as opposed to
cable car, plus many hiking trails pass local fauna. Although some trails will test
climber’s physical endurance, many hiking routes are purposefully family-friendly and
provide a gradual incline to the top of the mountain.

Commenting on Table Mountain’s nomination, a spokesman for DialAFlight said today:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Cape Town on more than one occasion in recent
years and every time we’ve taken the trip up to the top of TableMountain. Those views
never grow tiresome. I’m not surprised the site has been shortlisted for the honour. The
whole range eclipses the city of Cape Town; everywhere you go you can see the mountain,
it’s a site really worth beholding.”

“The mountain is one of the prime reasons tourists visit the city of Cape Town
[http://media.dialaflight.com/tv/top-five-day-trips-in-cape-town ], during their holidays.
Our customers are always enquiring about TableMountain, accommodation nearby and the
various hiking tours available up the mountain. We [DialAFlight] have plenty of South
Africa flights available at fantastic prices.”

The Seven Wonders of Nature are to be announced early next year in Zurich,
Switzerland. The seven provisionally shortlisted for the accolade include: The Komodo
Dragon, Table Mountain (South Africa), Halong Bay (Vietnam), the Amazon Rainforest (South
America), Iguaza Falls (Brazil/Argentina), Jeju Island (South Korea) and the Puerto
Princesa Subterranean River (Philippines).

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