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China: The Perpetual Commodity Consumption Machine – ‘Silver to Go Ballistic This Year!’

January 12, 2012

Hollywood, Fla., Jan. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — At Smith McKenna, precious metals trading advisor, Steve Smith, has been accurately forecasting gold, silver, copper and other precious metals commodities trends for decades. “The latest movements in silver spot prices were totally predictable, considering the time of year and the projected demands from China. We took full advantage in 2011.” He advises that 2012 will again be a huge wealth creating opportunity, if you’re positioned correctly. Steve warns, “Major dynamic shifts are already taking shape. You must first understand them, only then should you take your position.”

“You must have accurate investing information and know how to use it to be a successful gold, silver and other precious metals investor,” Steve proclaims. “All indicators point to a surging middle class in China that is demanding more of the world’s resources. The Chinese Government is being forced to keep its economy growing at a 13 to 15% clip by devaluing the Yuan and making money easily available to its small business sector. This in-turn appeases a burgeoning middle class that consumes more and more.”

According to the precious metals sage, “The result is a perpetual machine where Chinese industry demands more commodities and the working middle class demands more goods. The common denominator is silver. Silver is the only precious metal that is truly consumed. Its availability diminishes as industry uses it in manufacturing and consumers use it in everything from medicine to personal investments.”

“The world is running out of silver. The US Geological Survey states that the world will run out of easily minable silver in the next 15 years. You must position yourself correctly to take advantage of this fact,” proclaims Steve. “Wealth is created by being in the right market, in the right direction, at precisely the right time.”

Steve Smith is dedicated to informing investors of wealth creation through precious metals investing. Steve Smith so much believes that knowledge is the key to profitable investing, that he is giving away a free book, “Now Invest in Silver, an Introduction to Why Investing in Silver Makes Sense,” to the first 100 people that just ask for it. Go to http://www.smithmckenna.com/free-book/ , and simply fill out the request form. He also makes available to the public, free of charge, his Weekly Investment Calendar, Steve Smith’s Daily Thoughts, and much more at their website.

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