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HTI Dealer Hydro-Gen LLc is Featured in Article in Rhode Island Publication Standard Times

January 17, 2012

FARMINGTON, Ark., Jan. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Highline Technical Innovations, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HLNT) announced today that its Rhode Island based dealer, Hydro-Gen, LLc was featured in an article written by Don Cuddy of the Standard Times, a Rhode Island publication.

Hydro-Gen recently installed a Wildcat 9000 on the Direction, a lobster boat home ported in Fairhaven, Rhode Island. Hydro-Gen has installed several of HTI’s Wildcat hydrogen supplemental system on lobster boats with The Dragon Lady being one of the first installations for the dealer. The lobster boats Direction and Dragon Lady and their captains, Grant Moore and Scott Christopher are known for their roles in the Discovery Channel’s reality TV series on off-shore lobster fishing.

Jack Ferland, owner of Hydro-Gen informed the paper that people he dealt with were skeptical at first, but the word about the technology was becoming more widely known. Jack Ferland and his partner, Jack Incollingo, focus on the fishing and transportation industries in their region. Charlton Coats, HTI CEO stated, “The most impressive point in the article that stood out to me was a quote from Captain Moore when he said that his mast that was once black, was now white”. The quote from the article that Mr. Coats was referring to was that Captain Moore agreed that he has certainly saved fuel and money with the device. “I’m not creating any more horsepower, but I am definitely gaining efficiency. If you take a gallon of fuel and only burn 80 percent of it, the other 20 percent is just going up the stack,” he said. “With this I’m burning 98 percent.” It is also demonstrably cleaner, he said. “Just go outside and look at the mast,” he said. “It’s painted white but it used to be black from the exhaust. Same with the hull.” The article can be viewed in its entirety on the news website, www.southcoasttoday.com.


The Wildcat Hydrogen Supplemental Fuel System increases fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines, both diesel and gas, in applications such as cars, boats, tractor-trailer rigs, agriculture and industrial equipment. HTI focuses on applications for Transportation, Marine, Locomotive and Agricultural industries.

HTI reported in mid December 2011, that Louisiana based dealer Wildcat, LLc had secured an initial contract with CCS Midstream Services, LLc, a wholly owned subsidiary of CCS Corporation based in Calgary, Canada. Wildcat, LLc has informed HTI that the first 63 units have been successfully installed.

HTI CEO, Charlton Coats stated that it will be attending the Garden City Farm and Ranch show January 26th-28th. HTI will be featured on January 26th.


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About Highline Technical Innovations, Inc.

HTI is a publicly traded corporation (PINKSHEETS: HLNT) dedicated to producing innovative, high quality products that are economical and good for the environment. HTI’s subsidiaries include Highline Hydrogen Hybrid Inc., maker of the Wildcat Hydrogen Booster, a supplemental fuel system that increases fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines, both diesel and gas, in applications such as cars, boats, tractor-trailer rigs and agriculture and industrial equipment. Another subsidiary, Hoss Motor Sports, has designed and developed an off-road commercial utility vehicle and is in the process of manufacturing the UTV with joint venture partner Dong Feng Motors of China.

The company maintains offices and manufacturing sites in Northwest Arkansas.

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