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FAA AIXM 5 Viewer Based on Luciad Technology, Available Now

February 7, 2012

WASHINGTON, February 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Luciad, the worldwide leader in high performance visualization for Geospatial
Situational Awareness applications is pleased to announce the availability of the FAA AIXM
5 Viewer.

The AIXM 5 Viewer is an application developed by Luciad for the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA). Access to the AIXM Viewer is available for AIXM Forum members. AIXM
Forum membership is free and open to all stakeholders.

The AIXM 5 viewer offers a solution for rapidly visualizing AIXM 5.0 and AIXM 5.1
data. The intuitive easy to use interface combined with a web-based one-click installation
process, enables the AIXM 5 Viewer users to efficiently view, manage and distribute
Aeronautical Information Services data. The application provides a baseline reference to
validate that the available data is compliant with the AIXM 5 standard.

The AIXM 5 Viewer, developed with LuciadMap and Lucy, is the first intuitive graphical
capability to accurately display geo-referenced AIXM 5.1 data in 2D & 3D: “Users can see
the AIXM 5 data mapped onto a virtual earth; they can customize the visualization and
easily navigate through the wide set of properties of AIXM 5 features.”

“The AIXM 5 Viewer presents the AIXM 5.1 data in 2D, as well as in 3D, which is very
valuable for visualizing complex Airspace aggregations,” said Eddy Porosnicu, Senior AIM
Specialist at Eurocontrol. “In addition, it offers a timeline for analyzing the changes
introduced by Digital NOTAM data, and all of this in a simple and crisp user interface.
The built-in validation tool is very useful for checking the correctness of AIXM 5.1 data
output from different systems. The AIXM 5 Viewer has the potential to boost the AIXM 5.1
implementations world-wide.”

“The FAA AIXM 5 Viewer provides users worldwide with all the capabilities needed to
quickly visualize and understand AIXM 5 data,” said Lode Missiaen, CEO Luciad Inc. “The
application is developed with Luciad technology and offers a viewer with high performance
and high precision, and with full support for AIXM 5 data including Digital Notams.”

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About Luciad

Luciad is the supplier of choice for leading Systems Integrators, at both the National
and International level, for their Situational Awareness applications in mission-critical
C4ISR and ATC/ATM systems.

Luciad’s International customer base includes AENA, Belgocontrol, Boeing, Cassidian,
DFS, EADS, ENAV, EUROCONTROL, FAA, Frequentis, Lockheed Martin, LVNL, NATO, NATS,
NavCanada, NLR, Saab, SAIC, Sagem, STNA, Thales and Thales Raytheon Systems.



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