ZookaWare Releases Tips on How to Identify a Spyware or Adware Problem on PCs

February 22, 2012

ZookaWare releases tips on how to identify a spyware or adware problem on PCs.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

ZookaWare releases tips on how to identify a spyware or adware problem on PCs. Quick detection is important when dealing with any type of malware, as the malware itself and the problems it is creating tend to multiply at an alarming rate.

Tips on Identifying a Spyware or Adware Problem on PCs:

1.    Difficulty with program function when multiple windows are open

2.    Internet surfing has slowed down

3.    Excessive pop up windows

4.    Pop up windows on unrelated topics/services

5.    Periodically press CTL+ALT+DELETE. This will bring up the Task Manager. Click on Processes. Look each of the processes up on the internet. Don´t trust all the info that pops up in a general search, but use what you find to attempt to determine if processes currently running on your computer may have malicious intent.

6.    Open a command window (DOS box) by clicking Start — Run — cmd. Type in the following command: netstat — an . This will show you a list of the systems you are connected to, those connected to you and any listening ports (You can find common port numbers online, but 80 and 443 typically refer to the web and 135, 139, and 445 are typically referencing Microsoft networks).

Clint Ethington of ZookaWare said, “The sad fact is that almost any user who frequently accesses the Internet is probably going to have an adware or spyware issue on their computer. Many experts recommend running a good spyware removal program regularly, regardless of the presence of common symptoms or blatant issues indicating a problem.”

ZookaWare has been offering high quality PC solutions and excellent tech support since 2004. Our products are designed specifically for the average PC user. At ZookaWare they call it ℠designing software for people, not geeks.´ The ZookaWare product suite includes: CyberBackup, RegZooka, and SpyZooka. CyberBackup provides a safety net for users by protecting their data through remote storage. RegZooka offers PC error solutions through registry cleaning. SpyZooka finds and removes spyware from PCs and also acts as a preventive measure, keeping spyware from infecting the computer. The ZookaWare suite of products was designed to work together to provide the average user with all the protection they need for their PC.

To get further information on ZookaWare or their suite of PC solutions/products contact:

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Phone: 800-290-9809

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