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A Single Question for Chevron CEO John Watson: ‘Is BP Responsible for Cleaning Its Gulf Coast Oil Spill?’

February 23, 2012

NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The conservative-oriented organization “You Break It You Fix It” today asked Chevron CEO John Watson to answer one simple question: “Is British Petroleum (BP) responsible for cleaning its Gulf Coast oil spill?”

You Break It You Fix It is working to educate conservative-minded Americans about Chevron’s responsibility to clean up the 16-18 billion gallons of oil and pollutants it left behind after drilling in Ecuador, poisoning its streams and drinking water.

“If BP is responsible for cleaning up its spill in the Gulf, then Chevron is responsible for cleaning up its spills in Ecuador, there is no way around it,” said You Break It You Fix It spokesman Joshua Rizack. “So, we pose this simple question to Mr. Watson: ‘Is BP responsible for cleaning its spill along the Gulf Coast?’ We await a simple answer to this simple question.”

BP, which You Break It You Fix It lauds for its extensive clean-up efforts in the Gulf Coast region, has created a $20 billion fund to remediate damage caused by its spill. Chevron, in contrast, has walked away from the 16-18 billion gallons of oil it left contaminating Ecuadorian lands and waters.

“Why is it right for the British company BP to be cleaning its spill in the Gulf Coast, while Chevron ignores its far larger spill in Ecuador?,” Mr. Rizack asked. “Americans are a good and just people, and they deserve to know what Chevron is doing to their nation’s reputation in Ecuador.”

You Break It You Fix It has begun a national education campaign that will include a variety of paid and earned media tactics. It will emphasize three key points:

  • BP is doing the right thing. Why isn’t Chevron?
  • Chevron is dishonoring America through its negligence.
  • The situation in Ecuador is an ongoing emergency. Children and adults are being sickened every day from Chevron’s contamination.

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Source: PR Newswire