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Rich Mathers Construction is Best Turnaround Company at 2012 Business Excellence Awards

February 24, 2012

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The 2012 Americas Business Excellence Forum named Rich Mathers Construction of Los Altos, California, winner of the award for Best Turnaround Company at this year’s Business Excellence Awards, held in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Hilton Memphis.

The 2012 Business Excellence Forum and the 2012 Business Excellence Awards are sponsored by ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching firm, dedicated to the growth and profitability of businesses everywhere.

ActionCOACH Eamon Rooney was instrumental in helping turn Rich Mathers Construction around and he was very proud of his client following the victory.

“Rich made one very important decision when we started working together. He never wanted his business to drop again. He has been consistently focused on that objective and the results prove he’s learning how to build predictable cash flow.”

Companies like Rich Mathers Construction see the value of business coaching in today’s competitive global economy, and have used the system provided by their ActionCOACH Business Coach to reach a new level. But few have taken to those lessons and changed their fate as quickly as Rich Mathers Construction.

“When I met Eamon, I had it in my mind that I wanted out of the construction business. I felt that I had done everything that I could do to have a successful business, but quickly learned that I knew very little about what it took to run a business,” Rich Mathers said. “I knew after meeting with Eamon and attending Brad Sugars’ seminar that I had to make a change. I know now that I made the right decision and I don’t have one regret other than not making this choice earlier in my business.”

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To learn more about the Business Excellence Awards, and to see the list of the winners, visit: http://www.actioncoach.com/businessforum2012


Source: PR Newswire