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Wildlife Acoustics Announces the Song Meter SM2M-HiSPL

March 13, 2012

LONDON, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Oceanology International 2012 — Wildlife Acoustics, the leading supplier of acoustic monitoring systems around the world, announces a new version of the Song Meter SM2M marine submersible recorder suitable for recording and quantifying high sound pressure levels (SPL) such as those produced by pile drivers and air guns.

“Since the introduction of the SM2M last year, many customers requested a version for recording high SPL events,” said Ian Agranat, President and CEO of Wildlife Acoustics. “The SM2M-HiSPL is a great addition to our product portfolio. Wildlife Acoustics continues to listen to the market and develop product solutions that meet the demands of our diverse customer base and the SM2M-HiSPL is just one example.”

Unlike the SM2M, which is more suitable for recording biological acoustics, the new SM2M-HiSPL can record very high amplitude sounds without distorting the recording. Custom hydrophone sensitivities are available to allow recording up to 240dB SPL at the hydrophone.

All SM2M units have the ability to log the average and peak RMS values to a text file. This feature, coupled with the included SM2M gain and hydrophone calibration data allows the absolute receive SPL to be easily calculated. This can assist customers in documenting compliance with protocols and government regulations for marine noise levels.

The SM2M product family is designed for quick refurbishment shipside for immediate redeployment and may be deployed months at a time with continuous recordings. The SM2M product family can store up to a half a terabyte of data in just one unit.

The Song Meter SM2M-HiSPL is available for $6,499 USD. The ultrasonic version, the Song Meter SM2MU- HiSPL, is available starting at $9,499 USD.

About Wildlife Acoustics, Inc.
Wildlife Acoustics, Inc., a privately held Massachusetts corporation, is the leading provider of bio-acoustic monitoring technology for scientists, researchers, government agencies and environmental consulting firms worldwide since 2003. Our customers monitor birds, frogs, bats, insects, fish, whales, elephants, rhinos and other wildlife.

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