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International audience meets Swiss quality by SolarMax at ecobuild

March 13, 2012

BIEL/BIENNE, Switzerland and LONDON, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The Swiss inverter manufacturer Sputnik Engineering presents its new SolarMax MT2
string inverters at ecobuild 2012

An international audience will meet at ecobuild London from March 20-22 to learn about
trends and solutions in sustainable design, construction and the building environment.
Swiss inverter specialist SolarMax will present its new MT2 string inverters as well as
the existing portfolio of solar inverters [http://www.solarmax.com/en/products/?a= ] and
system monitoring [http://www.solarmax.com/en/products/data-communication/?a= ] solutions
at booth N3045.

With the SolarMax brand, Sputnik Engineering has been developing, producing, and
selling solar inverters [http://www.solarmax.com/en/products/?a= ] for more than 20 years.
Today SolarMax is one of the leading manufacturers of grid-connected solar inverters with
an international presence all over Europe and China. Additional locations will follow in
the coming months. The London branch was opened in 2011 and it seems Swiss quality is well
regarded in the United Kingdom. Installations with SolarMax inverters include a five
megawatts solar park in Cambridgeshire and one of the largest rooftop systems at Devon
Mill in Oldham. Another notable reference is a 200kW installation at the Glastonbury based
Worthy Farm of Michael Eavis, one of the Glastonbury festival founders.

“We have been well received in the UK market. Although there is a certain insecurity
due to changing announcements of FIT cuts today, profit estimations and successful
examples show that solar is still a very profitable investment,” said Daniel Freudiger,
General Manager of Sputnik Engineering International AG. “At SolarMax we work with
conviction and passion to provide a valuable contribution to the further development in
the photovoltaic field – this includes complementing our product range to help customers
to optimize their system profitability. Our MT series with three MPP trackers is extremely
successful. Nevertheless we have developed new models with only two trackers for
installations such as decentralised commercial, industrial or agricultural solar plants
with an homogeneous solar generator where a third tracker isn’t absolutely necessary. This
way, we can also offer an even more attractive price-performance ratio.”

Based on their high level of efficiency and flexibility, the MT inverter series rates
amongst the most effective of SolarMax products and offer efficiencies of up to 98%
maximising the yields of any facility. The three-phase devices are equipped with a maximum
of two string connections per tracker. This way string fusing should not be a requirement.
With a higher input current of 18A per tracker, the new MT2 inverters are particularly
advantageous for high efficiency modules. The light and compact design, as well as the
easily accessible connections allow for quick and simple installation.

SolarMax products are used all over the world and prove themselves thanks to an
uncompromising Swiss quality [http://www.solarmax.com/en/company/quality/?a= ] approach
and reliable services. [http://www.solarmax.com/en/service/services/after-sales/?a= ]
Following the UK launch SolarMax successfully started sales in China in late summer 2011
and most recently opened branches in Greece and Bulgaria.

About SolarMax

Sputnik Engineering AG, a Swiss company, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers
of grid-connected solar inverters. Under the name SolarMax the company develops, produces
and sells inverters for every system – from photovoltaic plants on single-family homes
whose kilowatt output is modest, to the solar power plants whose output is measured in
megawatts. The inverter is a key component of the solar plant, transforming the generated
direct current into grid-compliant alternating current. 20 years of experience are not
only reflected in the Swiss quality, highest efficiency, reliability, and durability of
the SolarMax products, but also in the way Sputnik offers its customers excellent
international support in the field of after sales, comprehensive warranty services, and
intelligent solutions for system monitoring.

SolarMax is positioned internationally and currently has approximately 360 employees.
The company headquarters are located in Switzerland (Biel), products are sold and
distributed via the branches in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, China, Belgium, United
Kingdom, Greece, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

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