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Jellyfish(R) Stormwater Membrane-based Filtration Technology Receives MDE Stand-Alone Approval

March 21, 2012

ROCKVILLE, MD, March 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Imbrium Systems (www.imbriumsystems.com) announced today that its innovative membrane-based stormwater
treatment technology, the Jellyfish Filter, has received full use
approval by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) for
stand-alone water quality treatment.

The Jellyfish Filter is a compact stormwater treatment technology with
significantly higher flow capacity and treatment surface area (80 gpm
per standard hi-flo cartridge) with just one-third the footprint and
one-fifth the weight of conventional stormwater filtration systems.
Based on recent independent field testing, its signature membrane
filtration tentacles demonstrated the ability to remove 89% TSS, 60%
Total Phosphorus, 50% Total Nitrogen, and a high level of heavy metals
removal with exceptional hydraulic capacity throughout the 25 qualified
storm events monitored, easily allowing MDE to approve the Jellyfish
Filter for stand-alone treatment.

Proven Performance

“Our rigorous TARP (Technical Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership) field
testing demonstrated superior real-world proven performance, as
recently indicated by the issued NJCAT (New Jersey Center for Advanced
Technology) performance verification. We listened to the environmental
engineering and regulatory communities and designed the Jellyfish as a
compact, long-lasting membrane filter system that captures a
significant pollutant load, with low cost maintenance requirements. The
Jellyfish is simply the best value stormwater treatment filter on the
market”, stated Joel Garbon, Product Manager for Imbrium Systems. “For
example the Jellyfish’s lightweight cartridges weigh only 50 lbs. wet,
and are back-washable, rinseable, reusable and replaceable making this
a sustainable and practical technology to effectively assist
communities in treating runoff and cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay.
Jellyfish is very easy to maintain and cost effective. Now with MDE
stand-alone approval, the Jellyfish technology is a tangible long-term
benefit for developers and other end-users in impaired watersheds such
as the Bay”, noted Garbon.

About Imbrium

Imbrium is a Rockville, Maryland-based stormwater treatment company that
designs, develops, manufactures and sells stormwater treatment
solutions. Our products are engineered to protect water resources from
harmful pollutants by addressing the long-term impact of urban runoff. 
Imbrium has a strong innovative technology track record within the
stormwater industry with the following products: Stormceptor(®), Jellyfish(®) Filter, Sorbtive(®) Media and Sorbtive(®) Filter.

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