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Canada Beef Inc. welcomes Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

March 25, 2012

Positive step for the Canadian beef industry in Japan

CALGARY, March 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Canada Beef Inc. welcomes Prime Minister
Stephen Harper’s announcement of the Canada-Japan Economic Partnership
Agreement, opening free trade negotiations with Japan.  This is an
extremely important step in allowing full market access for Canadian
beef in Japan.    Canada’s beef and veal industry is grateful for the
hard work of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Agriculture Minister Gerry
Ritz, International Trade Minister Ed Fast and Foreign Affairs Minister
John Baird and the Canadian Government for their continuing work in
creating greater market access for Canadian beef and veal.

“We are extremely pleased by the announcement made by Prime Minister
Stephen Harper and Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda of a Canada-Japan
Economic Partnership Agreement,” says Brad Wildeman, Chair of Canada
Beef Inc.  “Japanese customers will benefit from expanded access to
Canada’s safe, high quality beef and Canada’s cattle producers and our
beef industry will greatly benefit from increased trade with Japan.”

Japan’s borders closed to Canadian beef after Canada’s first case of BSE
in May 2003.  By December 2005, Japan had eased the ban it imposed on
Canada, by allowing boneless and bone-in beef and offal derived from
cattle under 21 months of age.   International standards had not
suggested that such restrictions be placed.  On December 9(th), 2011, the Government of Canada announced that Japan was reviewing its
domestic and import regulations for beef, hopefully leading to expanded
access for Canadian beef in Japan.

“Today’s announcement of a Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement
is great news for Canada’s beef and veal industry,” says Rob Meijer,
President of Canada Beef Inc.  “We’re hopeful this will ultimately lead
to Japan allowing full market access to Canadian beef.  This would mean
a significant increase in the premium value and volume of exports.”  In
2010 Canada’s exports of beef to Japan was worth $81.4 million. Modest
projections show that full market access could exceed 20,000 tonnes
valued at $125 million dollars annually.

As part of its commitment to growing market opportunities for Canadian
beef and veal producers, Canada Beef Inc. has a strong presence in
Japan, maintaining and developing relationships with key industry
partners and supporters of the Canadian beef and veal industry.

“Canadian beef and veal is well known internationally for its high
quality and we look forward to continuing to meet Japan’s demand for
premium quality Canadian beef and veal,” says Meijer.  “Our partners in
Japan recognize the value Canadian beef brings to their business, and
their customers love the quality and taste of Canadian beef.”

Canada Beef Inc. is the cattle producer-funded and run organization
responsible for domestic and international beef and veal market
development.  It has offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong,
China, Taiwan and South Korea.

SOURCE Canada Beef Inc.

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