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The Automotive Resource Network and Saevitzon/Procko to Develop Mass Media Campaign for TheARN’s Service Contracts and New WynShield Pro Product

March 28, 2012

NEW YORK, March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — (Pinksheets: ARNH) — The Automotive Resource Network Holdings (ARNH.PK) announced today that they are developing mass media advertising campaigns to promote both their automotive service contracts and their recently announced WynShield Pro product, and that Mr. Brett Saevitzon and Mr. Steve Procko have been retained to spearhead and oversee all of TheARN’s DRTV (Direct Response TV) and Mass Exposure initiatives for both products.

Mr. Saevitzon is widely recognized as an industry “guru” who brings to the table more than 25 years of experience spearheading DRTV infomercial campaigns for client companies worldwide. Mr. Saevitzon has created and launched some of the most successful infomercials, including the Chris Angel Magic Kit, Wuggles, Uglu, Turbo Pak and many others, and has established solid connections in the fields of radio, television, online advertising, print media, mass marketing and retail distribution channels.

Mr. Procko will work in tandem with Mr. Saevitzon’s team to provide production, filming, editing and overall visionary support talents to the projects. Mr. Procko owns and operates an independent production studio in Florida and has produced some of the highest grossing commercials and infomercials of all time. His extensive experience in the automotive industry, including high profile clients such as Toyota, Lexus and BMW, this will provide enormous benefit to the project. Mr. Saevitzon and Mr. Procko together have sold millions of various product units and their combined experience and expertise will provide valuable contributions to TheARN’s marketing efforts.

In response to the announcement, Kathy Roberton, CEO of TheARN, stated, “This marks a milestone that we have been working to achieve for more than six months. We believe TheARN’s products are a perfect fit for DRTV, and past experience shows that the effective implementation of DRTV and mass media advertising can quickly explode the sales and revenues of a Network Marketing company.”

Over the coming weeks Mr. Saevitzon’s team will finalize the creative programs and pick up where the existing management left off on all the DRTV initiatives. The DRTV Team will have full autonomy to finalize and engage the production layout team, celebrity spokespersons, airtime/runtime and revenue share deals, all of which will be coordinated within a tight and timely Board approved launch strategy. The initial campaign will focus on the vehicle service contract with its highly valuable customer acquisition channels, followed quickly by a second campaign to promote WynShield Pro.

Mr. Saevitzon commented, “The customer shops in many different places. They shop on TV, on the web, at the phone and in retail stores. We are committed to a multi-pronged approach that gives the consumer the multi-dimensional shopping approach they crave. Television advertising in particular gives the consumer a powerful permission to buy and we are excited to make available this vibrant platform to TheARN,” said Saevitzon.

Paul Redmayne, COO of TheARN, added, “I have worked with Brett Saevitzon for years and have seen what he can do through the magic of infomercial television and mass media marketing. Brett is one of the most creative individuals I know and getting him to join our team along with Steve Procko will provide a huge benefit to the overall growth of the company.”


The Automotive Resource Network, Inc. is a direct marketing company that offers a unique month to month vehicle service contract, roadside assistance products, and nano-technology products direct to consumers through independent sales channels. Its soon-to-be released WynShield Pro product is a clear liquid that uses nano-technology to bond with vehicle windshields and other glass surfaces, keeping them cleaner, clearer, stronger, and hydrophobic by providing a coated surface that helps prevent bugs, rain, ice, dirt, and other debris from sticking.

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