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MSE Enviro-Tech Corp Reports on Results of Asphalt Release Agent Product Line

March 28, 2012

SAULT STE MARIE, Ontario, March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — MSE Enviro-Tech Corp (OTC: MEVT), (Frankfurt: MEH) reported on the results of its product development and sales of its asphalt release agent line of products for 2011.

The Company (www.sittm.ca) manufactures and distributes a proprietary asphalt release agent that is applied to paving equipment and trucks to avoid build up of asphalt on surfaces and facilitate cleanup. The SITTM product provides an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to petroleum-based products that are typically used for these applications. In Ontario, for example, legislation prohibits the use of diesel fuel in such application. Therefore, the Company provides a much-needed and cost-effective alternative. In 2011, the Company completed the development and testing of its product line which was then sold in pails, barrels and totes. Blends of the Company’s products have been designed and tested for both warm weather and cold weather applications. Currently the technology is held as an industrial secret but management is considering options for international patent protection under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which would grant temporary patent protection in 144 countries.

CEO Norman R. Jaehrling, “Based on the positive feedback from our customers during the past year, we believe that our asphalt release agent line has achieved industry acceptance and is poised for positive growth in 2012. With the construction season ramping up, we have begun receiving orders from previous and new clients. The Company expects to double its sales of the product line over 2011, and we are now actively selling the product throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada, with plans to expand distribution to Western Canada and the United States.”

The current customer list for SITTM’s asphalt release agents includes some of the largest paving companies in Ontario and Eastern Canada. SITTM is a member of the Ontario Hot Mix & Paving Association.

About MSE Enviro-Tech Corp Headquartered in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. The Company (ww.sittm.ca) is focusing on marketing its current value-added products from biodiesel which offer environmental benefits while being comparable or better in quality and pricing to petroleum-based products it wishes to displace in the marketplace. As we grow our markets and develop distribution channels, we will partner with innovative technology companies and facilitate the adoption of their products into our established prospect organizations.

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