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Algae Farm (USA) 1Q12 Update

April 3, 2012

HOUSTON, April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Algae Farm (USA), Inc. (Pink Sheets: ALGF), announces that it has completed development of its proprietary Algapond indoor algae production system. This unique system is modular and scalable and can be used indoors anywhere where water and power are available. Algapond utilizes customized LED lighting, proprietary water movement and contamination features in both 200 and 400 gallon Algapond versions. “ALGF’s technology and processes, specifically, growing and harvesting high yield predictable, reliable, scalable and sustainable algal biomass, algae oil and residual biomass in an indoor climate controlled environment separates us from our present competitors. Our technology is ready for commercialization and we are actively searching for viable strategic alliances and partnerships in the nutraceutical, cosmetic, bio-plastic and bio-fuel market sectors,” said Rick Berman, President and CEO.

About Algae Farm (USA)

ALGF is a development stage biotechnology developer of processes and systems that produce high yield, predictable, reliable, scalable and sustainable algal biomass, algae oil and residual biomass and in an indoor climate controlled environment. The Company’s website is www.algaefarm.org, the contents of which are not incorporated by reference herein.

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