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MC Endeavors, Inc. Announces the Launch of their E-Commerce Online Store

April 9, 2012

AUSTIN, Texas, April 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — MC Endeavors, Inc. (PinkSheets: MSMY) (MCE) is pleased to announce the launch of the MCE-LBI online store for their LBI products, DualZorb®, PondZorb® and AcidZorb® as well as their new related all natural kitty litter product, SoftPaws. The DualZorb®, PondZorb® and AcidZorb® absorption products are made of completely-natural cellulose material that immediately breaks down oil, chemical, raw sewage and any flammable hydrocarbon liquids into a non-toxic environmentally safe inert mixture that can be tilled into the soil and just left to decompose naturally. The harmless absorbed mixture created from the clean-up of small oil and gasoline spills can also be placed in trash bins headed for disposal at the normal landfills. The MCE-LBI Online Store opened for a soft launch on Thursday morning, April 05, 2012. The official launch is today.

With the addition of the online store, Ricki Groetzmeier, MCE Sec/Treas. feels that SoftPaws kitty litter, which was the original LBI product, is a great addition to MCE’s product line. That has proven to be the case with the orders received so far based on the soft launch results since Thursday. SoftPaws is a 100% all-natural pine litter in the form of pellets making it healthy for pets. SoftPaws is biodegradable, highly absorbent, and the best odor removing litter made. It lasts twice as long as traditional litter and can be discarded with the regular garbage or in the compost bin. MCE is offering a 2-bag economy special of SoftPaws for the launch to introduce the product. We are also offering a 4-bag economy special of DualZorb®.

“We were receiving ever more frequent calls and requests for the small 9 lb. and 25 lb. bags of DualZorb®, 6 lb. jugs of AcidZorb® and 20 gallon buckets of PondZorb® to be used for clean-up in small areas like garages and vehicle service bays, restaurants, ranches and farms, fire equipment vehicles, and even for the home to clean up spills, oily or greasy tools, ponds, watering holes, animal waste piles, as well as for the SoftPaws litter. These customers can now view the products, review the information sheets and videos at our website and place their orders with the click of their mouse 24/7 from all over North America, without having to call in with this new e-commerce feature,” stated Tim Algier, CEO.

The site offers all the products available on the remediation side of our business, in all sizes, and will ultimately include specifically designed spill kits for DualZorb®, PondZorb® and AcidZorb® ready for any small spill or clean-up. For larger orders, please continue to email us at Products@MCEndeavors.com or call us at the main line for questions, volume discounts for large orders, international orders, shipping details and even some limited distributor opportunities. The store is also heavy on product information including videos, “How-to-Use Guides” and material safety datasheets.

MC Endeavors is excited to add this new facet to our business and anticipate the MCE-LBI Online Store to be a major revenue creator.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for our weekly e-blast targeting primarily oil service and remediation companies but also of interest to biodegradation product users of all kinds, please call or email us, or you can sign up online.

In addition to the launch of the MCE-LBI online store, MCE has entered into agreements with two new sales and marketing representatives. George Colombo will be representing MCE in the Bakken area of North Dakota in order to give us a sales presence in this fast expanding area of the country for both the oil remediation products as well our housing designs for the workers at the drill sites. Jim Johnson will be representing MCE for South Texas and Louisiana and he has additional contacts in Belize and south Central Africa.

In early March, Tim Algier and a small team met with MCE’s Haitian business partner, Eddy Daniel, on the ground in Haiti to tour the progress and review options to address open sewage problems in a safe, economic and eco-friendly manner. MCE sees a good fit for the LBI products in that arena and made some valuable connections which are all being explored. The company is continuing its work to position itself as a viable bidder/partner for the building of specialized container communities and/or a combination of container and disaster resistant steel frame housing. MCE has designed exceptional products to address both of these alternatives.

Israel Sanchez, Director of Design Development is presently working on the design-build contract for a private residence utilizing our disaster resistant and energy efficient technologies. The home will be built on the owner’s property in southern Alabama.

Plans are also underway for Tim Algier to join business partner, Cornelius Shogunle, in Nigeria later this spring.

MCE will be one of 350 exhibitors at the Oil Alliance Expo & Annual Meeting April 24-25 at the Multi-Purpose Events Center in Wichita, Texas.

Please understand that MC Endeavors, Inc. is committed to moving forward and building shareholder equity as responsibly and quickly as possible. We will continue to focus on the building of this company and we intend to make every effort to update you concerning our achievements and progress.

MC Endeavors, Inc. is a global smart-home builder and self-sustaining community developer of natural disaster resistant building systems that utilize steel framing and steel shipping containers with rigid closed-cell foam insulation instead of conventional wood framing and rolled fiberglass. MCE integrates green technologies including solar, wind, and biogas powered generators that are ideal for durable transportable oil field rig-shacks. We also provide water and soil biodegradable-remediation from oil, chemical, animal waste, and sewage spills after natural or manmade environmental events with our patent pending DualZorb®, PondZorb® and AcidZorb® products.


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