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MillerCoors Reissuing Purchase Order

May 1, 2012

TULSA, Okla., May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Greystone Logistics Inc. (OTCBB: GLGI), announces that the company has received a purchase order for case goods pallets made from 100% recycled plastic from MillerCoors

“MillerCoors embraced the value proposition of a recycled plastic pallet years ago and continues to be leader in the sustainability movement by reissuing their long standing purchase order for case goods pallets utilized in their distribution system,” said Warren Kruger, company CEO. Kruger continued, “Our concept is so simple. Remember returning pop bottles for a deposit? The Greystone pallet lasts 10-50 times longer than wood and has residual value at the end of the pallets life. When the pallets reach the end of their life, they are bought back and get repurposed into a new pallet along with other recycled material such as car bumpers, pill bottles, shampoo bottles, and other plastics that we divert from landfills. We also continue to replace MillerCoors wooden keg pallets with our innovative new plastic keg pallet.”

About Greystone Logistics

Greystone Logistics is a green manufacturing company that sells and leases high quality 100% recycled plastic pallets. The company provides logistical solutions needed by a wide range of industries such as food and beverage, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer products. Greystone’s technology, including that used in its injection molding equipment, proprietary blend of recycled petrochemical resins and patented pallet designs allow production of high quality pallets at lower costs than many processes. The recycled plastic for its pallets helps control material costs while reducing environmental waste and provides cost advantages over users of virgin resin. Excess polyethylene not used in production of pallets is reprocessed for resale.


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